Do painful memories continue to haunt you and hold you back? Hypnotherapy can help you break free.

At Northeast Hypnosis, we use customized hypnosis techniques to process and resolve troubling memories that linger in your subconscious. We’ll help you reframe how you think about past events, reduce associated fears, and sever negative thought patterns.

With hypnotic visualization, we can transport you back to the original scene and guide you in reshaping the memory. Or we can help you let go of the emotions attached to the past using calming imagery, metaphor, and mindfulness techniques.


You deserve to be free of old shadows. Don’t let difficult memories weigh on your present happiness and health. With Northeast Hypnosis, you can finally achieve closure and lasting relief.

Contact us today to schedule your hypnotherapy session. We’ll partner with you on releasing the grip of the past so you can move forward unburdened.