What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy utilizes guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve heightened awareness. This trance-like state is like being completely absorbed in a book or movie. In this deeply relaxed state, the conscious mind takes a back seat, and the subconscious mind becomes more accessible. Hypnotherapists use this state to introduce positive suggestions that empower you to alter old, limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural, non-invasive process. You remain aware of your surroundings and have complete control. You cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis despite myths and misconceptions. The practice allows you to use the power of your inner mind to reach your goals.


The Benefits of Hypnosis

The benefits of hypnosis are profound. Studies show hypnotherapy can:

  • Break habits and addictions: Hypnosis repatterns your relationship with everything from cigarettes to junk food. By bypassing conscious resistance, suggestions go straight to the subconscious so powerful new associations can form.
  • Relieve pain: Hospitals use hypnosis to control pain during surgery and childbirth. The focused state changes brain wave patterns, alters pain perceptions, and triggers the release of endorphins.
  • Reduce anxiety: Hypnosis calms worries, hyper-vigilance, and panic by dialing down the body’s fight-or-flight response. New mental outlooks emerge that transform fear into confidence.
  • Improve sleep: Hypnosis stops racing thoughts and quiets the mind by accessing your natural trance state. Sleep complaints dramatically improve with hypnotic methods.
  • Support weight loss: Hypnotic suggestions help adjust your mindset towards food and exercise by eliminating disempowering cravings and thoughts. Healthy new habits take hold. From building confidence and conquering phobias to managing chronic conditions, the transformative potential of hypnosis is astounding.

How Hypnosis Works

An initial consultation at Northeast Hypnosis Online lets us learn about you, your challenges, and your objectives. We then design a customized hypnotic program to give you the tools, mindset, and support for success.Sessions are conducted online via secure video chat at your convenience. We guide you into a deeply relaxed state using calming imagery, breathing techniques, eye fixation, and soothing vocal cues. Soft music and binaural beats enhance the hypnotic state.

Once in hypnosis, we use language patterns and metaphors to communicate directly with the subconscious mind. Positive seeds are planted that blossom into profoundly altered outlooks. We identify emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, and destructive habits holding you back while uncovering inner strengths and resources.

Post-hypnotic suggestions anchor changes to empower you moving forward in daily life. We provide recordings you can listen to reinforce the benefits. Follow-up sessions adjust your program based on your evolving needs. The result is lasting transformation.


Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Tobacco addiction traps millions in unhealthy patterns that lower quality of life and endanger health. Hypnosis leverages your mind’s power to release you from smoking’s grip.

Our stop-smoking hypnotherapy eliminates conscious cravings and subconscious attachments to the habit while bolstering willpower. We address the root emotional and psychological factors driving your tobacco use. Our aim isn’t just to help you quit smoking – it’s to discover inner freedom and shift to a healthy identity.

Lose Weight Through Hypnotherapy

Struggling with excess weight and unhealthy eating habits? Hypnotherapy provides a decisive advantage in overcoming the mental and emotional components of weight issues.

Weight loss hypnosis utilizes your subconscious to change ingrained thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors around eating and exercise. Limiting beliefs are replaced with motivation and empowerment. We help you understand the emotional underpinnings of overeating so you can make lasting improvements.

Our customized hypnotic suggestions enable you to shed extra pounds while keeping them off – without fad diets or deprivation. A healthier mindset leads to healthier habits.

Managing Depression and Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

For those saddled with anxiety, depression, or persistent negativity, hypnotherapy provides a beacon of hope. Our compassionate therapists guide you in reframing entrenched thought patterns that drag you down.

Depression hypnotherapy helps construct more empowering narratives that boost self-worth and cultivate positive emotions. We teach you self-hypnosis techniques that overwrite pessimism and despair with encouraging new perspectives. Fears, trauma, and self-judgment are confronted and resolved.

With renewed outlooks, depression lifts while anxiety dissolves. Feel hope, joy, and contentment flooding back in as inner resources emerge.

Conquer Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Phobias conjure immense fear over everyday objects, places, and situations.

We unravel the root causes of your phobia while constructing new logical neural pathways. Anxiety triggers lose their power as boldness and level-headedness grow. Graduated exposure therapy further allows you to maintain composure when facing phobic stimuli.
Soon, fear-inducing things like flying, heights, public speaking, and more hold no sway over your state of mind. Break free from avoidance and anxiety.

Relieve Chronic Pain with Hypnosis

If chronic pain interferes with work, recreation, and rest, hypnotherapy can provide relief. From back and neck pain to headaches and arthritis, hypnosis helps dial down mind-body pain signaling.

Pain hypnotherapy alters pain perception, reduces inflammation, and engages your in-built opioid system for natural analgesia. Calming-focused states relax muscles while releasing clenched tension. We teach self-hypnosis techniques that help you manage flare-ups in everyday life.

Overcome Insomnia Through Hypnotherapy

Difficulty falling or staying asleep leads to exhaustion. Our customized hypnotherapy promotes restorative sleep so you wake up refreshed.

Insomnia hypnotherapy eliminates negative thought loops that keep you staring at the clock. Mental clarity is enhanced so you can drift off peacefully. We rebalance your circadian rhythms and address anxiety that disrupts sleep. You’ll learn to enter your body’s natural trance state independently.

Soon, you’ll look forward to bedtime as you sleep soundly through the night. Improved sleep enhances health, mood, and productivity.

Hypnotherapy That Transforms from Northeast Hypnosis

At Northeast Hypnosis, your success is our top priority. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn how custom hypnotherapy can help you thrive. Conquer your habit, fear, pain, or challenge once and for all. Lasting results and inner freedom await!