Seeing a spider used to send you into an instant panic. Your heart would race, palms sweat, and fear take over at the sight of eight crawling legs. But those days are behind you.

At Northeast Hypnosis, we use customized hypnotherapy to help clients overcome phobias like arachnophobia quickly and permanently. Our proven techniques repattern your mind to remain calm when faced with spiders, dissolving that ingrained fear response.


We identify the roots of your phobia and provide the tools to regain control. You’ll learn specific anti-phobia techniques to change automatic reactions to spiders in a conscious, empowered way. Hypnotic suggestions generate positive shifts at the subconscious level until spider encounters elicit curiosity rather than dread.

Don’t let an irrational fear control your life any longer. With Northeast Hypnosis, you can rewrite your relationship with spiders and reclaim your peace of mind. Our focused blend of strategies brings fast, lasting freedom from phobic responses. Contact us today to take the first step toward feeling at ease around spiders again!