At Northeast Hypnosis, we utilize proven techniques based on neuroscience research.

Hypnosis activates the brain’s relaxation response. It allows the rational frontal lobes to take a break so the emotional midbrain can be rewired.

Through hypnotic suggestions, we can reshape automatic behaviors, thought patterns, and reflex reactions. The brain forms new neural pathways each time they are repeated.

How exactly does hypnosis create change in the brain

Our brains learn quickly through hypnosis. New positive habits can override years of negative conditioning with consistent practice.

This allows hypnotherapy to effectively treat many conditions, including addiction, anxiety, weight issues, and more, by facilitating physical and mental changes.

Through a hypnotic trance, we can access the subconscious, where many issues originate. Hypnosis serves as a psychological reset button for the brain.

Want to learn more about the science behind hypnosis? Schedule a consultation and experience it for yourself. Our expertise in neuroscience makes hypnosis work for you.