Does speaking in public tie your stomach in knots? You’re not alone! At Northeast Hypnosis, our hypnotherapy services help you speak up with confidence.

We know the overwhelming nerves that come with glossophobia. Through customized hypnosis, we transform fear into power. Our skilled hypnotherapists use proven techniques to steady anxious minds, slow racing hearts, and build self-trust.


Learn to replace dread with excited anticipation. Envision yourself succeeding, connecting with listeners, and sharing your inner voice – compelling and assured. We help you focus outward, making the audience feel at ease instead of discomfort.

Don’t let fear hold you back anymore. Our public speaking hypnotherapy quickly builds the skills and mindset for relaxed, engaging speaking. Patients are amazed that just a few sessions can unlock their inner comedian, motivator, and communicator.

If public speaking makes you weak in the knees, help is here. Contact Northeast Hypnosis to schedule your customized hypnotherapy sessions and finally speak up with the confidence you deserve!